"We had unfortunately wasted a lot of time and money on contractors who only claimed to provide what Alcon Systems actually delivered."

Tal Marom
BeamMed Ltd.

"Alcon Systems proved their vast experience at high quality development of software and hardware in a way I had encountered with no other consulting and development firm."

Yoav Ben-Dor
R&D manager
Flight Medical Ltd.

"I am impressed with the new ROI feature. Many thanks for all the efforts. I believe this work will be of significant benefit to all concerned."

David C. Wright
NDE Tech. lead
Rolls-Royce plc.

"The systems you have developed for us generated significant improvement in our production processes. You have demonstrated extraordinary technical capabilities and meticulous meeting of scheduled deadlines."

Zory Reznik
System engineer

"Your commitment, technical capabilities and vast experience have led us to feel that you are an inseparable part of our development team."

Yaron Fein

"Alcon Systems' vast experience, creativity and system wide solutions are the key for the success of our cutting edge retail IT infrastructure.
Their high commitment, which was well proven, is essential and highly valuable to our organization."

Avner Mazig
Senior VP IT
McDonald's Israel